Perspectives on treatment pathways – Susanne


Susanne was treated rapidly and had a period of 5 minutes to decide whether she wanted to do a lumpectomy and chemotherapy.


So then I went there but in the, that afternoon I had an appointment with the Women’s Outreach worker from the community and for issues not relating to my health but right at that point she said “Well I’m going with you.” So she came with me to see the surgeon and I’m glad she did because I was given 5 minutes to decide what I wanted my treatment to be and it that was overwhelming. So she was there. She wrote notes down and then he gave me all the information the pros and cons of having the mastectomy, do I want to do the chemo and she was there just to help. Okay this is what we’re dealing with, these are the options and she was encouraging me that he did say you have five minutes to decide. So yes, you’re going to have to.

With her help though, I was able to decide and then feel comfortable with what I decided too, which was amazing. So I agreed to just be satisfied with the lumpectomy and that the biopsy was already done and then go through the chemo and then radiation therapy. I knew, okay, I guess now I’m starting on this road and so that was the first day.

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