Sexuality, femininity and intimacy – Susanne


Susanne felt self-conscious about her body after treatment. She too wondered how she would raise the subject in a social situation.


I’ve just been single ever since 2009 and I think I am nervous about that because now I’m lopsided. They’re not even, and sometimes I don’t like it but I just… I don’t know, I think now, I’m “Oh well I’m different on both sides like who…?” Even two sides of a face are different. So I’m like “Oh well it’s not as much a big deal anymore.” And then, if I did happen to find a new relationship, I would just probably, be honest right upfront and let that person know that I may not at times, exactly like the way that I am now, but it might make me a little self-conscious. Sometimes actually, with my blouses, especially if I wear a lighter colour, I will wear a scarf around my neck because it kind of hides that it’s difference on both sides. I don’t want people to make comments.

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