Perspectives on treatment pathways – Tina


Because of her weakened immune system Tina decided against chemotherapy. Her intuition helped guide her decision-making.


The process was fine because I knew what I had to do for me. I find that some of them are very, very pushy that you need to do this, this, and this and this and it leaves you with nowhere to go for yourself. Like I find that, I just found that they weren’t leaving an opening for me to decide for myself. I thought it was pretty crazy for them to not allow me to decide what I wanted for my body. Like it’s my body and I said “Well this is what I’m going to do”, I mean they talked, and talked, and talked and tried to convince me and it was just no, no it does not feel right for me. Intuitively I went with my intuition and with how I was feeling about it, not the pressure from the doctors to get me to do what they thought was best for me.

It’s tremendous pressure and people don’t understand that they can, it’s their choice no matter what anybody, any of the doctors says, it’s still your choice. It’s your body, it’s your decision, when it comes right down to it and that’s, I was very, very strong in that and it was the same with the double mastectomy. Like “Are you sure you want to do this? Do you want to have the breast removed there’s nothing wrong with the other breast.” And I said “Yes, I’ve made that decision and I want them both off.”

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