Advice for other caregivers


Based on my experience, what would I say to the caregivers? “Listen, go to the associations, you will hear about others, and they will give you tricks. Don’t wait for the CLSC, you have to call them. And the government, same thing, you have to call them, you have to… Otherwise, you get nothing… you get nothing.” How did I find out — I will verify when I do my income tax return — that it is possible to have a monthly amount for the caregivers. I didn’t see it, neither did my son. I will look into it when I do my income tax return. It would be… May be we should all get together and write a petition, because you don’t get richer, you get poorer. You know the people outside are lucky, they have their pension and they have nothing to do. Yes, they have nothing to do, but they have expenses that… that you didn’t have usually. Like this Summer, I rented a wheelchair, but it costs $60 per month. They tell me “Well, keep your receipts for your income tax.” Well, I don’t pay income tax so they don’t give me back that money! You know what I would tell them, it’s to go to associations, not to stay alone, talk about it, do not isolate yourself because it’s even worse.

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