Home care and live-in caregivers


Because I know that it helped speed up the number of hours—I don’t know if it’s me, but I will tell you that yes, it’s me—the number of hours of respite that they give. But did you see, the gentleman who was here earlier, he should be giving me two hours with the bath, so I can go do the shopping, the grocery, the pharmacy, the cleaners, the bank, but they can’t because he doesn’t have the time. They are just three men in the area. They should have the possibility of hiring more help. Because, it’s been one year since the month of July that I was with the CLSC, and I still don’t have my respite hours in the daytime. I had them for a short time, because I found a employee myself, but he fell ill, so… a relapse of cancer, so he could no longer give the bath, so he would give me a little respite. After that he started chemo, so he came here one day, and he was green. I said, “No, we won’t let you do this.” It’s the only time that I had respite, from him. He was paid by the CLSC, but it was me who found him. But if they advertised for that!

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