Home care and live-in caregivers


I think there was lots that could have been done when my mother was living with me, but I didn’t know about the supports or it took so long to get them. I remember making an appointment for someone to come to my house, and to get the caregiver to come to relieve me even when I was going to work, and so she came and she did some tests with my mom. And then she said, “You qualify for the 45 minutes,” and it took so long for us to get that and then to find somebody to be there. And then, when they found somebody to be there, I found that that person didn’t come—it was somebody else who came, because they weren’t the same person every day. It was just very, it was very difficult. It was very difficult to for me to have somebody new every day, because I had to, I was explaining every day what to do or where to find the sandwich in the fridge or how to help my mother, and I just found it very time consuming. I found that I might as well do it myself, because it was—if I could have the same person or even just switch off one person, 2 people and both of them would take it. But I just found that it was just too difficult. And so in the end, it was either friends I counted on who knew my mom or me. I still had a person come 3 days a week for my mom when I was—I tried to take on a part-time job. In my position, I couldn’t have my full-time job anymore, but I could do something on contract. And so, I tried to have a caregiver come 3 times a week for an hour, but I paid for that myself. And even there, we got used to one person and then they changed, and then they changed again. So, that’s really hard when you’re used to one person. And I think my mom found it really hard too, because she never knew who was coming or what was happening.

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