Home care and live-in caregivers


Well, information sources, I had many… I had help with those things, the… rightly from the CLSC, because I had someone who came, and who dropped in. Even sending me things, because I had things made… I noticed one time that she had fallen and she couldn’t bring herself to get back up. I said, “Ah! That’s not convenient.” So, I spoke with the person who came from the CLSC, and she sent me someone who came to show her how to get back to her knees to be able to stand up, and all that. She couldn’t manage to do it. So, she learned that. How to get into the bath, get out of the bath, and all those things. And so… that, I did have help from the CSLC. But once we asked for it, they would send someone for it, and it was very good from that point of view, fortunately, me too because that… Sometimes, when we are parents, we tried hard to show them, sometimes it takes someone who comes from outside to make them understand what there is. So, from that point of view, they are not… We are very good, oh! No, we had very good help for that matter.

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