Interaction with professionals 2


I think every youth caregiver has their difficult moments with the medical, like the doctors and hospitals. I understand that the home healthcare network is under a lot of stress and I respect that, but I think when you come into somebody’s space there has to be tremendous respect. Especially… and again, it’s really hard to know when you’re coming into a place where there’s a youth caregiver, because youth caregivers, there’s no mark on us […]. We are an invisible minority in the mainstream Canadian society. But when you do come into somebody’s home and you know that there’s going to be youth, like you just treat it as respectfully as possible, and if possible get to know your patient—their likes or dislikes like I just mentioned—like, how they like a procedure done because they’ve already had it done probably several times before you’ve come. So, get to know how they like things to be done.

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