The future and caregiving


The part that’s imperfect is actually the bathroom. I realize that as [my husband] progresses I’m going to need a drive-in shower for him. I’m just not going to be able to wheel the chair, wheelchair up to the shower like I do now, and he’s able to step in and sit on the stool. It’ll be a little more—I’m actually hoping that we’re going to be moving in about 2 years. I understand that the, there might be a condo that’s going to be built that…they are going to have the handicapped in mind. So, late 2013 I would be hoping to be lucky enough to get into this facility because when [my husband] does have to go into residential care, he can still come home every day and I can shower him and keep him clean, and I can get him around the house quite freely. They’re also allowed to, once you stay in a residential care facility, you’re allowed to sleep somewhere else 45 nights a year. So of course, yeah, I’m going to have him home with me. And they tell me that, when he does stay in full-time residential care, we’ll actually have more fun because I’ve never been a wife to him. I’ve always been a caregiver. And it’s funny when people ask me who I am, and I look at them and I say “Well you know, I’m his 24/7 caregiver, I’m his wife, and I’m also his favourite antagonist.”

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