Caring for yourself

We were doing joint caregiving, so we would just bounce [the difficult moments] off. Right now I find with my health, it is really hard because I’m totally drained of energy. [So], we take turns. Sometimes we just talk it over. Like today, I was really upset with what happened at the home. I came and I cried and I went a bit, “Alright!” It keeps on going on in your mind right? 

[…] With the experience we had with my mom, we were able to ask the similar questions back in Holland. I, primarily, was with my mom. I was the one who was looking at the resources and whatnot, so I would say, “Okay, we have this in Canada. Do we have something parallel over there?” [By] doing the caregiving jointly, it kind of relieves the stresses on each other. If he is busy doing something, then I’ll say, “Okay, I’ll pitch in.” And when I want a break, he’ll say, “Okay, I’ll go and do it.” So, that kind of helps.

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