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Developing a close connection with my mom. I think we have a bond. I think it can be unhelpful at times, but I’ve been lucky to develop the relationship that I have had with her, and it wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t the way that it is. I also feel lucky that I appreciate her so much because I feel like every day could be her last day on the planet. And so, I live every day as if she died tomorrow , already I’m okay because I’ve lived like that for the last 10 years, so I think every day could be her last day and I’ve said everything that I feel I need to say, and I honoured our relationship in a way that I feel okay with. […] So that’s one of the things my friends are always saying “Oh, you’re so good to your mom and you really know,” and it’s not something I wish on anyone to have to think like that “Like oh, my mom could die tomorrow,” every single day, “or today,” but it changes the nature of your relationship so you really appreciate that person.

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