Hospitals and facilities 2


It’s interesting. Some of it I could do a rant on this one. Often what happens is, well often, over say 20 I’d say in the last three years, two years we’ve had 25 ambulance calls. In the last three years we’ve probably had 35 admissions and ambulance calls. And about a couple of times a year the hospital doesn’t want to keep him; they want me to take him home. And they say to me—they use it as a threat—they say, “Well, if you can’t take care of him at home, he’ll have to go to a facility.” Last year he had C. difficile, last August, very seriously, and he was here and we had an ambulance call took him to the hospital. They wanted me to take him home. I said, “I am not taking him home,” because I said, “I’m going to call an ambulance the next time he goes to the bathroom.” And I work with homeless people. That’s what I do. I said, “I’m not exposing myself and my vulnerable clients to C. difficile; not happening.” So, they kept him and he was so sick he ended up being there for a month. But they got the social workers out, they got the whole gang up on me. And that’s what I was saying to you earlier. I mean, someone who was older than me and had less energy than me, and less knowledge, might have caved in that situation.

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