Home care and live-in caregivers


Yeah, the live-in caregiver was really good having him around because he hung out with my husband and they kind of… it was entertainment and plus it was helpful because he would make meals and he would do some laundry… and […] if I was at work and I needed to know what was going on, then I could phone him because if I phone—like, first of all, my husband can’t, like he loses things left right and centre, so you can’t give him a cell phone. He had an I-touch, and he was had a few of those, and they keep getting lost, they keep getting broken so I mean we basically gave up on that. So, if I want to know what’s going on, if I wanted to know what’s going on, I could just phone the house and talk to the caregiver and get an accurate answer. Because if I talked to my husband, he wouldn’t always give me the correct information. It was just you could not rely on stuff that he said. So, having the caregiver was really, really helpful. But you know what? They don’t work 24/7.

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