Role determination


Well back to I think the old-fashioned view that you have to be on-site, you have to be sitting around a table with a researcher, or you have to be contributing something. Well, wait a minute, and also research in the beginning –like when I get involved with a task force they’ve already done a lot of the research and they’ve done the collation of the research. It’s then moving it forward into the knowledge translation part of that. But that’s all part of the continuum and there are different places along the continuum that patients and caregivers can get involved. I was looking at too narrow a view thinking it was very early stages and I wasn’t involved as a participant there, so no I hadn’t been involved in research. And then I said, “What about all this other? That’s research too” and that’s how you get it from the lab to the pharmacy or wherever. My conversation with you kind of helped me solidify that a little bit. 

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