Learning From Others - David


Interviewer: And for patients, do you offer any training to patients as well or participants?

For the moment, no because we’re working with patient that have kind of been trained by participating in the project, by being in the committee. What we noticed at the beginning in the very first meetings, we had the two focus groups, the two gender specific focus groups with men and with women, and then we started the project and we noticed that they needed to be a lot more trained than we thought. The training was kind of mutual. We had to learn to ask them questions and they had to learn to talk about their experience, feel safe. They had to learn what was adherence, what we talked about when we talked about adherence, and learned to talk about experience in a way that is useful for us. We kind of learned it all together; both me and the patients. These patients have been trained by practice and they’ve kind of trained me as well.


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