Chemotherapy – Margaret


One of the hardest thing for Margaret was the pain caused by the Neulasta injections that she had to give herself.


One, yeah, every 3 weeks, and I was very lucky I think from what other people experience. I certainly did have a few days where I felt really awful. One of my biggest complaints I think or my biggest hardships of it were the nausea and the pain. The pain was caused from a needle that I had to give myself. It was called Neulasta and it was to build up your white blood cells, is that the right word blood cells?  
I did have bad nausea for a day or two but other than that is was good. I was able to do anything. 

That drug that I had to give myself, the needle, it was interesting. I think it was like 3 days after I would start getting a pain in the top of my head and it would go down through the whole body and it lasted for a few days and it was quite bad. It was all, it was at the same time as the nausea and things like that too.

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