Surgery – Nadia B


After the procedure, the surgeon informed Nadia B's husband that her margins were clear.


They scheduled my surgery, I think it was August 21st, I remember that really well and it was a very scary feeling. I didn’t know what was in there, but I was very fortunate when the surgeon came out, (he) told my husband that I’m going to be fine, that it hadn’t spread anywhere. It was only 1 cm. It hadn’t gone into my margins and it hadn’t gone into my lymph nodes. They had only removed one lymph node. Then she said it will be the usual radiation and chemo. At that time she didn’t tell me anything but then she scheduled an appointment for me to go in and that’s when she told me that I had HER2*(Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2). She said “That it’s a little risky.” She said that “you’ll have to do chemo” because I thought I’d get away with just radiation. So with HER2 I had to do chemo and radiation and I had to do Herceptin for about, I think it was 18 injections, which takes me right into October of this year.

*HER2: A gene present in cells that, in some breast cancer cases has a mutation. This mutation causes the HER2 gene to be overproduced in breast cells, causing cells to be more aggressive. However treatments that target HER2 are very effective.

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