Recommended Web Sites (by the Health Experiences Team)

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN®)

The NCCN is a good source for information pamphlets, guidelines and resources.

Look Good Feel better

Look Good Feel better has a series of how-to videos and tips for personal care for women with cancer. They also provide free workshops for women and teens across Canada, where hair and cosmetic specialists help women feel more like themselves by teaching them about topics such as skin care, wigs, hair and cosmetics.

Breast Cancer Organization

The Breast Cancer Organization provides useful general information about breast cancer and all treatment steps.

Canadian Collaboration on Breast Reconstruction

Discover your options for breast reconstruction through explanations and diagrams.  This website also provides an easy way to find surgeons in your area, as well as information on when you should be looking to start scheduling appointments with your surgeon.

Waiting times

A report created by the Canadian Breast Cancer Network giving more information about the guidelines for waiting times when a lump is found.