National Caregiving Organizations & Resources

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Family Caregivers of British Columbia (FCBC)

The FCBC is a very active not-for-profit society supporting caregivers in the southern Vancouver Island area of British Columbia. Although they operate in BC, they operate one of the best websites for caregivers in Canada. On their website you can find information on many national resources for caregivers. They have also produced a video series on caregiving that consists of short video clips sharing helpful tips from other caregivers.

The Caregiver Network

The Caregiver Network (TCN) is a not-for-profit online learning network, providing support for caregivers, their loved ones, and health care professionals who work on their behalf. You can browse through their event section to find free online educational events that have been designed to help caregivers navigate their journey. The remote learning events are easily accessible through internet or phone connection and are recorded and archived on the website.

Canadian Caregiver Coalition

The Canadian Caregiver Coalition pulls together diverse groups of individuals and organizations to promote the interests of family caregivers within all levels of government and the community. One of their goals is to provide practical tools and information for caregivers. On their website you can find: educational resources and programs from across the country, links to online tools for caregivers, and links to partner organizations who also provide help for caregivers.

Well Spouse Association Support for Spousal Caregivers

Well Spouse is an American based nonprofit organization that coordinates peer-to-peer support groups for spouses of chronically-ill or injured individuals across the United States and in some locations in Canada (Toronto, Fredericton, Vancouver). They also host online forums and publish videos, articles, and blogs about the experiences of spousal caregivers. You will also find newsletters, suggested books, and links to a variety of other online resources.

Alliance des femmes de la Francophonie canadienne 

The AFFC has a campaign called "Soutenir les personnes aidantes." The goal is to raise awareness for francophone caregivers living in minority areas in Canada. They have conducted research into the needs and experiences of francophone caregivers, and consulted with francophone communities across Canada. From this work, they have developed information videos and a brochure to educate the public about the challenges of caregiving, and how we can help friends and family caring for a loved one.

The Care Guide

The is a comprehensive guide for Canadians looking for seniors' housing, retirement homes, assisted living, long-term care homes, and in-home health and community support. The listings are searchable by province and city to help find providers near you. The site also has a section dedicated to caregivers with articles sharing tips for caregivers and guidance about making tough decisions.

Care-ring Voice Network

Care-ring Voice is a free program that hosts learning sessions for caregivers and families over the phone and on the web. They host several sessions per month in English and in French on topics relevant to caregiving. These sessions are great opportunities to learn from the healthcare professionals who lead the workshops and from other caregivers in similar situations. With many partners across Canada, Care-ring Voice connects caregivers and families with information and support. Call or see their website to learn about upcoming sessions.

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Canadian Virtual Hospice is a website that provides information and support on palliative and end-of-life care, and loss and grief. On the site, you can:
• Ask questions to a clinical team specialized in palliative care—one of whom will get back to you by email 
• Read articles about managing symptoms, emotional health, accessing financial benefits, how to navigate the health care system, and communicate with local health care professionals
• Read the stories of other caregivers and connect with others through the online discussion forum

Veterans affairs Canada

Canada's Veterans Affairs website provides information about services and benefits available to Canadian veterans, including: case management, disability benefits, health care programs and benefits, mental health services, rehabilitation programs, etc. Veterans Affairs Canada also runs a 24-hour crisis help line to help support veterans with "almost every problem that can affect your personal or professional life."

Saint Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth is a not-for-profit and charitable organization that provides healthcare services to Canadians, promotes social innovation and breakthrough medical practices. With a team of 6,500 nurses, rehab therapists, personal support workers, and crises intervention staff, they deliver more than five million health care visits annually.
St. Elizabeth has created several resources to help family caregivers: The Caregiver Compass is a free written resource that provides tips and tools for caregivers. The Ask Elizabeth line is a free and confidential information and support service for family caregivers looking for guidance or resources. To speak with a qualified healthcare professional, you can call 1-855-Ask-Eliz (275-3549) or use the online-chat feature available on their website.