Advice to others – Amy


Amy suggests that researchers should consider holding a community event or using social media to reach out to patients


Maybe the researchers have to hold some kind of community event, where you’re going to explain in plain language what’s in it for us. Because I have heard, you know, at these National Paediatric Conferences, the researchers are somehow relieved or happy that, once you get the families involved in the co-design, then you know for sure that it’s not just going to sit on a dusty shelf after the research is done, okay. That it’s not going to live in a vacuum somewhere, that people are using your research and they’re going to benefit in a concrete, tangible way. So I mean, in this day and age, you shouldn’t view social media as an evil tool I think the best researchers that are out there, and I’ll use the example of Doctor Christine Chambers for Paediatric pain research. You know, she’s teamed together withErika Ehm of YummyMummy on social media. And so if you’re approachable, then it doesn’t seem like they’re in some literal ivory tower, that there’s someone that were featured on social media, and a lot of mums are on social media 24/7, that’s where they are. [Laughter] They’re not wandering the halls of your research lab, you know.

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