Measuring Impact of Partnership – Annette


Annette shares an example of how her team is measuring engagement in child health research


We’re also measuring patient engagement; so again we’re very committed to contributing to the science of patient engagement, particularly in child health research, particularly from a network perspective because a lot of the literature is focusing on research projects, but this is – you know it’s a whole different scale when you’re talking about a network with like multiple projects and activities going on. So we have measures of trust, measures of partnership that are being completed both by patients and by researchers, and we could look at individual research projects, we can look at committees and seeing where we need to provide more support, where there’s some challenges. But overall we’re seeing that engagement is definitely building and improving over time, so that’s really important. We’re hoping to do more of a qualitative approach as well, like to understand more from the experience to really enrich our understanding, so that’s on our plan to do soon. We’re also looking at just quantitative things in terms of engaging the broader community, so things like Twitter and people who read our – go to our website and things like that, just citizen engagement more broadly. So we’re looking at just indicators like that. And we’ve developed levels of engagement. 


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