Valuing contributions – Franco


Franco’s team usually negotiates the compensation with participants


Yes, there are different models. If it’s an episodic consultation, normally what we do is we ask…we negotiate it up front. What’s a reasonable amount, considering this amount of activity, and in what form? Money? Gift cards? What is the right way to do it? There are a few models on that.  We tend to use gift cards, just because there are some people who get concerned about how money gets used, but I’m not sure that that’s respectful either. I suppose that that will… but I think some adults are getting gift cards too, right, there’s a tendency towards… it just seems like a bit more thoughtful than just saying “Here’s $25 for spending an hour with me.” Rather “Here’s a Tim Hortons gift card,” or something like that. Then there’s all that too, right, what kind of gift, but usually these groups are good advisors on those kinds of things. I think the hard part is when you start. So, these are… like places [institution] and all that, they have experience with it and they will tell you what it costs to get their engagement. 

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