Challenging Experiences -Gillian


Gillian discusses how it can be difficult to manage emotional situations or conversations, but the end result is worth the effort


Yeah, it’s hard to think of a truly negative experience but there have been difficult experiences and maybe that’s what I’ll point to. One where youth had discontinued her medication, you know, cold turkey two days before the event and was, you know, having health issues in the middle of it and had to leave and we had to get her to a clinic while trying to run the day for everyone else and make it all go smoothly. That’s difficult. Other times when participants are in a lot of distress that can be hard, as I say you’re trying to balance everybody’s needs. And so, you know, it’s not there’s one particularly negative experience and we managed all of those situations but I would say it’s challenging work, it’s definitely challenging work. And at the end of a co-design I can say that I am exhausted [laughs] and it takes several days to recover. But that’s also, you know, if meaningful things are happening that’s the trade off, right.

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