Relationship building – Linda


Where Linda had pleasant interactions with researchers, this led to positive partnership experiences


So there’s – there has been a lot of different groups now, and so at this point, I mean, it’s – sometimes it’s meeting old friends when I start a new project, which is lovely, including people in different parts of Canada, and from Ontario, which is usually a big part of these groups, Princess Margaret, or Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC). So that’s really nice. But as I said earlier, everybody has always been approachable, and, I don’t know, it sounds a bit banal to say, pleasant and personable, but they have been – but maybe approachable is a more – I never – I would never hesitate to feel like I – I would never like I couldn’t go up to somebody, and ask them a question, or talk to them about something. So my experience with the researchers has been wonderful.

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