Valuing contributions – Linda


Even though Linda doesn’t expect compensation, she feels patients should be compensated in longer-term projects


You know, I have no suggestions about that. I’m always very appreciative when I – and surprised when I am compensated, because I do this because I want to. That being said, I think when you have patients on a four-year project, and making significant time contributions – I mean, I think it’s nice when we have a focus group, and coffee and cookies are provided. I think that’s lovely, so anything beyond that I think is extremely generous. But I think for sure, when it’s the bigger commitments, the bigger projects, and the bigger time commitments, I think it should be looked at in compensating patients.

And not hugely, but something, an honorarium, yearly, let’s say, for a three- or four-year project, for sure. I think you need to recognise that – they need to recognise that that is a time commitment outside,     Everybody has significant things going on in their life, but you have to take time away, or do this – review materials at other times. And I think it’s an important recognition also, just plain and simple.

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