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Patient partners should be mindful of other voices on the team but also speak up to help resolve issues, recommends Maxime


Yeah, first of all I think — I don’t think patients should assume that they have complete, that they have complete authority over a project. Because while the patient voice is obviously important, you have to negotiate that with the research team. And so something that patients should not do is just have too much high expectations. Have self-respect of course, but realize that because you’re a patient partner there are other partners on the project that also have an equal voice and that their voices matter too. So it’s that negotiating aspect that some patients should be wary of. But on the flipside, what patients should always do, is just being reflexive of their own words and their own comments and to see how it does or it does not fit into the context of the research project. Of course if they feel like something’s not right, or they don’t feel respected, to bring it up. Don’t let it — don’t let it sit alone in your thoughts because then that could ultimately lead to harmful practice of course, and a negative experience for everyone involved. So of course just speak up when something doesn’t feel right and try and seek measures to address it, for sure.

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