Challenging Experiences – Mona


Researchers can plan their timeline appropriately to include patient partners, says Mona


I don’t know if it is a challenge but you need to really understand that the time commitment will be longer when you are working with patients, which I think is valid and I think it occurs for a very good reason because there is more consultation. But I don’t think that’s necessarily challenging if you’re working that into your schedule and into your budget. There were one or two incidents where ideas of patients conflicted with clinicians for sure. So that was more of a challenge to try and negotiate to see what we were going to do with this kind of issue.

Interviewer: And was that resolved?

Yes, yeah, I think it was, I think it was resolved and by stating in a diplomatic way the two different viewpoints within the materials basically. And I think its reality. So that’s one of the advantages of patient engagement is that I feel that the intervention we developed was very practical, it was pragmatic without being too theoretical, without giving too much information. And so I think that’s the end point. And I also think that it helped to reflect the reality of patients at that moment in time and so that is why I also think it is necessary also for them to know that clinicians and patients don’t necessarily always agree on the next steps and how to proceed.

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