Impact on Research – Nicolas (2)


The voices of patients did improve the research, according to Nicholas, but he thinks we still lack good evidence.


And I think, and this is based on the premise that including voice, patients’ voice, in research will improve it. And that’s not really proven yet, solidly. I mean I know there are researchers who are very insistent on that, that we have proof, but we don’t. What we’re seeing is that it changes research for sure. It’s not the same anymore, but it… Does it make it better? We don’t know. I guess we’ll never know. We’ll have different opinions about it. But it’s more inclusive and I think in a way research, it is a natural human process to question and to think critically. So, in that sense, it should have a wider dissemination in this society where people feel they’re empowered to think critically about what’s happening to them or in their lives and so on.

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