Role determination – Nicole


Co-designing the terms of reference worked really well for Nicole’s research team


So we co-designed the terms of reference together so it wasn’t just like our team giving them a thing that’s this is what we want. We like sat down and talked with them about sort of how they saw themselves fitting in the team and what they wanted to contribute, what they might be interested in. Told them a bit about some of the ideas we had and stuff. So we drafted that together and basically we just — I don’t know if it’s just because of the type of people that were involved, but everyone’s really good at just being like clear about their expectations and what they want. And then we just kind of put that out in the terms of reference. 

But I think people I guess maybe are only willing to share that stuff because we tried to make it like a comfortable atmosphere and like a discussion rather than like shoving a piece of paper down their throat. Like it was key to develop it together I think, and asking them what they want and what they saw their role as being and what they wanted from us too. It wasn’t just us telling them what we wanted from them.

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