Patient Partner

Cathy is a retired educator and cancer survivor who volunteers her time at health care organizations and hospitals. She became involved in research because she wanted to contribute to improving health care for patients/caregivers after experiencing health issues within her family in addition to her own. Cathy’s first experience in research involved being a participant in a large provincial study. This experience provided an opportunity to talk with others that led to joining a patient/caregiver working group who advises researchers on how to translate research material into lay language. Cathy has enjoyed this experience because it allows her to work from home and does not require a large time commitments. In her opinion, she is content with being involved in the later stages of the research process where she can help find ways to share the researching findings to the general public. Her advice to researchers and patients/caregivers who are interested in research partnerships is to consider that there is a broad range of types of participation, and that involvement at any stage in the research process can be considered a partnership. She also suggests that researchers ensure that a variety of voices and lived experiences are included in research. 


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