Researcher in bioethics, nursing, and psychology

Franco is a senior researcher with a background in nursing, childhood and ethics. He has a long history of working with communities and youth as a researcher but also in his position as a head nurse of a pediatric intensive care unit. His main research interest is about ethics and childhood. He leads a large international project known as VOICE (Views On Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics – Franco and his team, which involve researchers and youth and family partners, are studying how some of the principles of engagement and partnership that are used in working with adults might apply to engagement with children, and what changes are needed to develop better approaches for children and youth. Franco has learned over the years that researchers often make assumptions about the needs and interests of individuals and/or community, resulting in engagement efforts that are not meaningful for those involved. He also thinks that it is important to be clear about how the outcomes of engagement will be applied within the community and the larger impact this may have in other areas of the community. Franco continues to learn about what people need in research partnerships and continually seeks feedback from participants.


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