Measuring Impact of Partnership – Zarah



And so I think what ends up happening is people don’t report on that part of their research, it’s we’re trying to get the results of our trial out, and so we put that, we publish that, we create a manuscript and that’s published, but we don’t do a very good job of reporting our patient engagement method. And so I think that is somewhere that we can start to focus, because then we’ll have more information and so we can evaluate impact. But before we start reporting on it, and having enough literature to look at, I think it’s a very difficult thing, nearly impossible, honestly. Like we found less than 1% of trials reporting on patient engagement, we know it’s not because people aren’t doing it, we know people are engaging patients because it’s required by funding agencies, but they’re just not reporting on it. And so because of that it’s hard to tell what happened and so we can’t study it.


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