Effects of care recipients’ behaviour – Alyce


From time to time, Alyce’s husband has bouts of anger. While he would quickly forget that an argument took place, Alyce had a hard time letting it go.


When my husband used to have an anger issue, it would build up for a couple of days and you could see it happening. It would build up and then he’d blow up. He was—mental abuse, I’d call it. Nothing else. Nothing physical or anything like that. Now he is, he just blows up at you. You don’t know if you said the right thing or the wrong thing. Even, example today, I asked him to change his shirt. He said, “What’s wrong with the one I got?” Well, it was a few years old; I wanted him to wear a newer shirt. I bought him a new shirt to go out with, and he took a fit on that. The thing is he forgets in a couple of minutes that you’ve had a fight. He’s happy again and you’re not and he doesn’t understand that. So we also—now because he likes to sit in his mechanical chair which he got when he hurt his neck—he likes to throw things, and that’s not good either. So, I try to walk away. I’ve been advised to walk away, but it’s not that easy. Told to go for walks, but everybody likes to argue back and forth and it’s not easy.

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