Providing support – Alyce


When Bill had an accident, Alyce slept for two weeks on the floor beside the couch to make sure he was ok.


I’ve had, I had a nurse come in one time when Bill cracked his spine, sorry his neck. He wore a collar and couldn’t do very much—we had to buy him extra large shirts because they had to go over. He needed a shave because the beard would irritate his chin, so I had one guy shave him. I had a nurse bath him, because of my spine I was afraid what if he fell on me then I’d be useless to him. He had a potty chair at the time and he had a chair for the shower. We had taken—because it was a different couch—we took a couch and we even put a coffee table beside him and made sure he was snug for 2 weeks. Actually it was more than 2 weeks sorry. I slept on the floor beside him for 2 weeks, but he lasted on the couch for about a month. He was not allowed to climb stairs. He was not able to do much on his own at all, and so that’s how he got his mechanical chair and the first time he got stuck.

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