Advice for professionals and society – Anne


Healthcare professionals should talk to caregivers and remind them that they need to take breaks. Anne ended up in the hospital after breaking down due to stress.


Oh there’s many ways I think they can improve service. Like these agencies that provide people to come into the home and help, if they’d stop trying to pull the hours away and try to make people feel like they don’t deserve those hours. Like that’s really wrong. I mean, he has a horrible life. I mean, for somebody to come in and help him in the morning for three quarters of an hour, that’s a big deal that they want to even take that away from him? Like assess people properly, try and understand their needs and give them the proper hours they need or help they need, and not try to pull it away from them all the time. Because now, like, he worries me sometimes because I’m afraid one day he’ll agree to give up his hours, right. And he’s getting worse not better. He’s going to need more care, right. And that’s the other thing. There’s a number of things I’m worried about that way. If he gets a lot worse, what do I do then? I don’t know. I don’t know if I could get him into a home. There are line-ups now to get into homecare. Like what do you do? And I don’t even know what’s available there. I don’t even know who you ask about that kind of stuff. I mean, considering I’ve been in this for 25 years, nobody’s come forward with a lot of information or help or anything like that.

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