Caring for yourself – Anne


Anne finds that reading certain books help her manage how she feels.


For me, I read a lot of—I don’t know what you’d call them—spiritual books, self help books, to help me with how I feel […], like dealing with myself and my emotions and how I react to things. That’s how I dealt with it. Because you get to points where none of it makes any sense anymore. That’s really frustrating, when nothing makes sense. When you can’t get any help from the medical people, when your families don’t support you. It’s a real eye opener in life. If you just go through a normal life and nothing happens, you don’t see this. But when this stuff happens, you see all the stuff. It’s a world you didn’t want to know about. And that’s one thing I remember saying, that I did never wanted to know this side of life. You don’t know it if nothing happens to you right?

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