Impact on health – Anne


The stress kept building until Anne was admitted to the hospital for a week.


I went through many years, and it was really hard and very stressful on me, and I hit a point where they thought I had a heart attack, but I didn’t; I really had a stress break, a breakdown or a stress whatever. I ended up in the ICU unit for coronary care because they thought…and when they started talking to me, they realized that it was pure stress that had done that to me, and they made me stay in for a week, which was great because I just slept for a whole week. It was really nice. Isn’t that terrible? That you have to get to that point to take a break? And then after that, I started looking at it more, meditating, trying to figure out ways more to deal with things because it had been just too stressful for many, many years.

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