Support from family and friends – Anne


It was a real shock for Anne that her husband’s family disappeared.


I feel like through most of it, we never got much support from anybody. Not family. The family disappeared. Everybody was there in the very beginning, and then the family just disappeared. And I mean, he has a brother who lived ten minutes away from us. He visited us maybe once a year. I haven’t seen them in, I don’t know, five years now. He has one brother who didn’t visit him either, but eventually now that he’s older, he starts to visit him every couple of months maybe. So, he was kind of isolated, everybody kind of drifted away and didn’t bother with him. And I’m at work all day, so he’s alone a lot of the time too, so it’s a hard part for him too.

I was really shocked that his family disappeared. His brothers, I thought they would be there for him, but they weren’t there for him. Even my family, I mean, they tried to support me, but nobody ever offered to come and stay with him so I could go out. Nobody, nobody wanted anything to do with it really. I guess because it was a horrible situation and they want to pretend it’s not there. But no, it hasn’t been a positive [experience]. Some people might think they have a positive experience, but I didn’t have a positive experience at all.

Have you ever asked for help to these friends or family or have you?

He has a really nice cousin. He actually came twice. But when you ask people—like even with him—I felt like I was inconveniencing him. Like, “Yeah, okay. I’ll do it,” kind of thing. Nobody said, “Yeah sure. We’ll help out. We’ll give you a break.” Nobody’s ever done that. Never ever, nobody. So, I don’t have that kind of support.

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