Advice for professionals and society (2) – Barbara


Barbara would like doctors to recognize that caregivers are an important part of a patient’s circle of care. If caregivers are engaged, then doctors' jobs are easier.


Generally I’ve had respect from the doctors that I deal with, but I think I earn it. With all dad’s hospital visits, I would be there in emergency, sitting beside his bed with my recipe cards of every medication he took, every visit he went to the hospital, every diagnosis he had. I made myself available as his caregiver and made doctors’ jobs easier. And it’s one of the things that I would love doctors to know and to recognize is that in this caregiving circle of which they are a part—as are their nurses, as are hospitals, as are all of those things—there’s also the family caregiver in that circle. And if that link breaks, if that family caregiver drops off the circle or the chain of caregiving surrounding their patient, it’s like a whole domino effect where suddenly you’re missing this huge chunk of caregiving for your patient. And so, the more they can do to support that family caregiver in that circle of care, the better they are, the better their patient is. Like, we are an important link. And I made myself that. And so… I guess I’m just pushy.

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