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Thanks to arrangements made possible by her support group, Christiane is able to attend conferences and other activities organized by the caregivers group.


So with the caregiver’s association, I don’t know if other cities have this, [the city’s] caregivers association. I don’t know if there is a caregivers’ association [of another city]. I don’t know if that exists in other cities, but they gave me a helping hand. Like when I have an outing with them, they pay for the sitter. So, I told them, “Register me to all the conferences, I’ll attend them all. I have to get out of the house, because it’s too hard physically and morally.” Because you look at it and you don’t recognize it. And with me sometimes there are reactions, he’s angry, he’s sulky, he doesn’t do that with others, but with me.

And with the caregiver’s association of [the city], well, I have conferences, classes that they give, they pay for the sitter, so that gets me out of the house a little. And then, they organize evening or lunches or… It gets you out of the house, and there with the others, I have a respite of eight hours, it costs me $15. There comes a young man who takes care of my husband. I go, and that’s it.

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