Social impact and lifestyle changes – Christiane


Christiane feels isolated because it seems that her friends don’t want to visit anymore.


Because people don’t want to come over, it’s not interesting! Him, he sleeps. And you, well, you have thing to do when he’s sleeps. You take advantage to do the things that you can’t do when you are—when he is awake. Because “I want this”, “I want that”, “come sit”, “I’m tired of seeing you move around”. So, friends distance themselves, so you don’t have a social life anymore. You don’t have a family life anymore. And you are isolated completely. So, that’s why the associations helped me, and it’s them too that informed me ofcertain rights that I had, that I didn’t know of.

If there isn’t anyone who comes to see him, at one point you become… Me, sometimes, I tell myself, “I have outings.” I tell myself, “My God, I have no more topics of conversation. I don’t see anybody. I don’t work anymore. I don’t go out.” I said, “What do I have to talk about?” You don’t have anything to talk about, so you feel belittled and put yourself down.

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