Advice for professionals and society – Christine


Christine hopes that ensuring support for caregivers soon becomes part of the routine process when patients and their caregivers seek help from the healthcare system.


So I think it should be once someone has a chronic illness or is in need of the caregiver—has a caregiver—I think that not only should the person who is ill get the help and the doctors involved and nurses and social support—the social services—but I think when they realize there’s a caregiver involved, I would hope that sometime, some day, right away, it would be an automatic thing: “Well, these are the services available for the person you’re caring with, but also these are the services available for you that are very important.” Because you always hear that. You always hear, “Oh, you can’t do it alone.” You can’t, and you don’t realize it until either you’re right in it and you don’t know where to turn, or it’s too late. And I’m not saying like I’m over, my life is over. To me, I’m just restarting my life, or building up my life again. But I became very sick as a caregiver and I didn’t get that support that all caregivers should get. Never mind like getting some kind of financial help, just the recognition and everyone says it.

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