Impact on professional life and career – Christine


Christine was so caught-up in caring for her mother that she never resolved her employment situation.


I was not expecting to lose my job, and certainly we were expecting my father eventually to die. So, I think his death and losing a job at the same time in my life was very hard on me but I had to push it behind me in my head because my mother was becoming more and more in need of help. So I was in mourning in a way, and also becoming more and more of a caregiver. That gave me a sense of, like I knew what I was doing. There was a focus, a sense of knowing the situation. I’m taking care of mom’s house and I’m helping mom. So, I knew I could deal with that. […] Something concrete, whereas my father’s illness and his death was something I had to learn to accept or live with. I had never lost a parent before. I had never… and the way I lost my job was… I was like stabbed in the back. It was one of those bad situations, and that was very frustrating to me. So instead of maybe really dealing with those 2 things—the loss of a job and my father&’s death—taking care of a house and my mom was something—or she was appreciating it. […] It was concrete and I could get, I could feel pride doing it. I was helping her remain in her home and I felt pride in doing it.

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