Advice for professionals and society 2 – Claire


Claire believes that policies and practice regarding financial and other support for caregivers must be flexible from person to person.


Yeah, the financing of support, and being able to have outside caregivers in the home when they’re needed. And everyone needs such a different level of support, or wants such a different level of support, but there should be some flexibility in that. And some choice around whether caregivers are working and doing the majority of the care or not. Just like mothers should have the choice to be at home with their children or go to work, it’s that same kind of thing. We all have different skills, and different desires, and different ways of fulfilling ourselves, so I think flexibility and allowing caregivers to balance their own lives too. So, the support needs to be there for caregivers. Financial support for caregivers, if we decide to be the main care at home, I think, is something that is invaluable.

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