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David would visit a support group if he could find one.

Written testimony

Just a sensitivity to the caregivers, to acknowledge them, and maybe provide also some services. Like for example, some support groups. I can’t believe that nobody has thought of this. Support groups for caregivers in a hospital setting. You put a social work student, or I shouldn’t say a student because it still requires skills, somebody trained in group work.

And maybe the whole issue of support groups, I keep going to that, it just seems to me so obvious and yet so lacking.

Have you been looking for support groups? Have you been connected with a support group?

To my knowledge they are not in existence, but I think if there were, I would probably participate.

And would you like to have it from a hospital structure? Or could it also be a caregivers’ organization that provides support groups?

I don’t really care where they would originate. I don’t really trust hospitals with that kind of situation because they just don’t understand. I feel they don’t understand. So why would they create something when they don’t intuit the need for such a thing. So it might eventually have to be based independently, or be based in CLSCs, I don’t know.

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