Trying to find the right balance -David


David has to juggle work, painting, and caregiving. Caregiving can be a challenge when it is thrust upon you.

Written testimony

Right now I’m semi-retired. I’m a social worker by profession and I’m working part-time. I enjoy my work but I have to be careful that it’s not too much. I’m in the process basically of […] a transitional period, going back from vacation to my normal life. So, I have to kind of recalibrate that [transition] between professional life and caregiver. I’m also a painter and that kind of feeds the soul in a sense. So, I have to kind of juggle with all those parts. The challenge is that you don’t apply for the job of a caregiver. You do it because you want to. It’s sort of thrust upon you and you do it because you have to, but you’re not trained for it. I mean, there are some things that I do well and there are some things that I don’t do so well. I don’t have the kind of patience that trained homemakers will have. I do what I can, but sometimes I’m just not good at it. So that’s a challenge.

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