Financial impact – Donovan


Thanks to the CSIL program in BC, Donovan’s wife can continue to live at home with live-in caregivers.


Next, this coming fall, the 2 women that we have will be leaving, so we have to start the process again to get replacements. And if you deal through an agency and you get somebody from the Philippines, for example that’s where these women are from, it can take 6 months and it’s a frustrating process and expensive. $600 placement fees for each one, plus we end up having to pay their airfares—a lot of money involved. Like I said before, if it wasn’t for the CSIL program though we wouldn’t be still able to live the way we are and where we are. If it wasn’t for the CSIL program, she would be into a facility, and… we sell the house and I move into an apartment. I’ve got a lot of difficulty with this, a lot of difficulty.

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