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Donovan stopped going to the local caregivers support group as he felt the other caregivers were in different situations.


Then I found out about a support group that meets once a month in [a town in BC], and that is sponsored by the Caregivers Network Society here. So I started attending that. That’s during the day, once a month. And I didn’t find it very satisfying because nobody else in the group of about 10 people, were in the same situation that I am and have been providing total physical care 24/7. The other people there were people who maybe had their mother staying with them in a basement suite or something like that, and just providing general supervision and assistance with whatever. So, none of the people there were in my situation, so I couldn’t relate to them and they couldn’t relate to me. So after quite a while, I just thought this group is not… I didn’t feel it was helping me very much. So I stopped going, and over the years I’ve had a bit more counselling.

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