Caring for yourself – Ginny


When Ginny’s mother is in “crisis mode”, everything is put on hold until things return to normal, including Ginny’s hobbies.


I love to go for my walks. I try to get a buddy to go for my walk. My sister-in-law is actually my buddy, my walking partner. We go for a walk every morning quite early because she’s still working. So I’ll get up and I’ll go for a walk with her. Then that will start my day. We keep each other motivated. In the winter, last winter, we started cross-country skiing, my sister-in-law and I.  We really loved that, but the only reason I could do that was because my mother was already in the interim care centre and I knew that she was being taken care of. So once my mother was taken care of, I could start to do a few more of those things. 

This winter I’m hoping to get out and do more cross-country skiing and continue with my walking. I felt like I just started really enjoying the cross-country skiing and getting—I wouldn’t say good at it—but starting to feel that I could stand on my skis and be able to get from point A to point B. Then summer came; the snow stopped and we started just walking again. […]

You never know when the next crisis is going to come. That’s the problem. Then everything stops and then life is sort of on hold for a little while until things get back to normal. That happens when you have something like recurring TIA’s or a fall. Those crises happen more and more. But I am trying. I have a piano at home that I started to play a little bit more, but again, when you’re in crisis mode I find that it stops as well. 

And lunches with my friends. I know I can always call them and we can go out. They’re texting me or e-mailing me. I have a group—we call it our book club, our circle of friends—and we get together once a month. I’ve been there a few times. We meet at each other’s houses and I think I’ve met with them a few times—maybe three or four times—which has been really nice. I love to have that social contact with them. My husband and I, we did go for a little holiday, but then when we came back, my mother had another TIA and that’s when my I called my brothers and they all came. So, we’re in crisis. We’re just starting to get out of crisis mode now.

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