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When Ginny’s mother was late to go to her care group, Ginny decided to pay someone to help her mother get ready.


It was very difficult for her to do any buttons or zippers or put her socks on, things like that. It became more and more difficult as time went on. And we found that 45 minutes just wasn’t enough. I would leave and the person wasn’t there yet and I would be worried about leaving. Then I found about, through the research that I was looking at, I found out about a group that met out of the house at one of the care groups in town, and I could get her transit to and from this care group.

So we started that, but if the person from the place that was helping her dress and get cleaned up and everything, if they weren’t leaving at the same time as the bus was coming, she would miss the bus very often because she was very slow getting dressed. So, it was not very good. So in the end, I started to pay myself for a caregiver to come, after the city caregiver came, to help her to take her right to the place where the care group was and bring her home an hour later. So I paid for a half hour to take her there, and then a half hour to bring her back. And it wasn’t as much the money as it was the timing of everything. It was just so difficult to time, and with my mother being a little bit slower, it was just all very difficult. So I decided that I was going to have to take some time off from work and help my mom myself, and see what other things I could put into place for her.

I felt that she was just losing out. And as I said, that one group that I tried to get her with, she loved it. It was like sending her off to a little daycare. In the morning, I prepared her lunch or sometimes she had lunch there and I paid for it, and then she came home and she really liked that. But then she had her fall and that stopped.

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